Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: hides
IPA transcription: [h'aɪdz]
Usage examples
  • Stupidity is brief and artless, while intelligence wriggles and hides itself.
  • "It hides our preparations, and will be dispersed only when they are finished.
  • She hides herself once more, ready to bleed a second gleaner should the occasion offer.
  • Great herds of buffalo were slaughtered to get the hides, which were of comparatively slight value.
  • The fellow has found some cavern or secret vale of which we do not know where he hides in the day."
  • At the piers will be noticed bags of coffee and cocoa beans, great quantities of rubber and piles of hides.
  • These they shot, or trapped in pitfalls, using the flesh for food, and, after their clothes wore out, the hides for clothing.
  • Not a life shall be blotted out in the darkness tonight; but the great shadow of the tree which hides you from the light of heaven shall be swept away.
  • A retired sea captain hides inland, with no companions but a grinning sailor and his blind housekeeper --except his pale wife, of course; and she is described as sad and unhappy.
  • But these two desires only intermingle in the innermost depths of his soul: he carefully hides from every eye the point at which they join; he would fain conceal it from himself.