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Word: hobbled
IPA transcription: [h'ɑbəld]
Usage examples
  • Then he hobbled to the open window facing the hotel.
  • Away he hobbled, and arrived at the house of the head-master.
  • The old man stood thinking for a moment, and then he hobbled off to his own cottage.
  • Then taking a Winchester rifle in his hand, he hobbled back to the shot gun, which he picked up.
  • Now "Billy the Kid" hobbled back to the armory and buckled around his waist two belts of cartridges and two Colt's pistols.
  • A scout preceded the marchers, and at sundown camp was formed in a big triangle with the carts as a stockade, the animals tethered or hobbled inside.
  • Ah! my gold and my silver, and my fine clothes.' And he beat his breast, and hobbled home at such a rate that the girl thought he had lost his wits all at once.
  • Finding themselves so suddenly disarmed, the amazed Blueskins turned about and ran again, while Cap'n Bill, greatly excited by his victory, shouted to his followers to pursue the enemy, and hobbled after them as fast as he could make his wooden leg go, swinging his sharp stick as he advanced.
  • Silver hobbled, grunting, on his crutch; his nostrils stood out and quivered; he cursed like a madman when the flies settled on his hot and shiny countenance; he plucked furiously at the line that held me to him and from time to time turned his eyes upon me with a deadly look. Certainly he took no pains to hide his thoughts, and certainly I read them like print.