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Word: holidays
IPA transcription: [h'ɑləd,eɪz]
Pronunciations of holidays
Usage examples
  • "Holidays?"
  • At weddings, feasts, and holidays it is the chief dish.
  • Painted glass, music, holidays, fast days, were not of the essence of religion.
  • "Those are indeed holidays to me; I go into the garden, I plant, I prune, I trim, I kill the insects all day long."
  • Our old moated house at Sandyseal, in which we have spent so many happy holidays when we were schoolfellows, is sold.
  • Playmates, and holidays, and nuts, And visions vast and small. Strange that the feet so precious charged Should reach so small a goal!
  • At home we always had a large fruit cake made for the holidays, long in advance, and I thought I would have one this year as near like it as possible.
  • She wrote me stiff little notes in which she informed me that she was to spend the holidays with some Blanche or Dorothy or Mabel of her acquaintance.
  • "The Christmas holidays will soon be here, so a half day out of school will not matter," Mrs. Waite said smilingly, and gave Grace a note for Miss Patten.
  • At first my neck was cramped with looking at it, but at the end of a year I became used to it; and then we have our hours of recreation, and our holidays."
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Calvin and Hobbes, License CC BY-SA 4.0