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Word: holt
IPA transcription: [h'oʊlt]
Usage examples
  • 'It's Holt!'
  • 'I'm glad to see you looking better, Mr Holt.
  • 'Was it open when you returned from your pursuit of Holt?'
  • 'You've been with Miss Lindon all the afternoon and evening, haven't you, Mr Holt?'
  • 'I understand from this gentleman--' signifying Atherton--'that your name's Robert Holt.
  • His holt can very well be passed, his delicious scent may be overrun; but the pure-bred Otterhound is equal to all occasions.
  • See! how the morning dews They sweep, that from their feet besprinkling drop Dispersed, and leave a track oblique behind. Now on firm land they range, then in the flood They plunge tumultuous; or through reedy pools Rustling they work their way; no holt escapes Their curious search.