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Word: horseman
IPA transcription: [h'ɔɹsmən]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: horseman, equestrian, horseback_rider
    Meaning: a man skilled in equitation
Usage examples
  • A horseman galloped toward them.
  • He saw a solitary horseman far out over the rolling plain.
  • The career of the horseman was indisputably, on his own part, uncontrollable.
  • Still closely scrutinising the trail of the Headless Horseman, Calhoun trotted past.
  • If there was reason before for taking the trail of the Headless Horseman, it was redoubled now.
  • It was just such a charge as a skilled horseman such as Haig would keenly enjoy, despite the danger.
  • As the trail was fresh, the strange horseman could take it up at a trot--in which pace he was approaching.
  • At midnight a horseman rode into the rangers' camp, blazing his way by noisy "halloes" to indicate a pacific mission.
  • In another moment the horseman drew up before him, but only to exchange a word of greeting, as the gate was thrown wide open, and there was nothing to bar his progress.
  • But suppose I were to ask you: By the help of which art, Ion, do you know whether horses are well managed, by your skill as a horseman or as a performer on the lyre--what would you answer?