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Word: hosts
IPA transcription: [h'oʊsts]
Pronunciations of hosts
Usage examples
  • And now he went on and became great, for the Lord God of hosts was with him."
  • I am assured of the aid of the angelic hosts, and more especially of the archangel Michael's.
  • And behind come galloping the hosts of Pharaoh; chance, speeding on the wheels of circumstance.
  • Duncan, who knew that silence was a virtue among his hosts, gladly had recourse to the custom, in order to arrange his ideas.
  • Kit's story got abroad and he found himself with hosts of friends, who gave him a good position and secured his mother from want.
  • The Pony Rider Boys caught the hidden meaning in his words, but they tried not to let their hosts observe that it was a joke at the expense of one of them.
  • Bidding their hosts a hasty good night, and promising to be on hand at the appointed hour on the following day if the condition of the herd permitted, the Pony Rider Boys ran for their ponies.
  • As the sea flooding the flat sands Flew on the sea-born horde, The two hosts shocked with dust and din, Left of the Latian paladin, Clanged all Prince Harold's howling kin On Colan and the sword.
  • I suppose the same thing holds good with the hosts; they seldom have more than a superficial acquaintance with their guests, and so often just when they do get to know you a bit better, they leave off knowing you altogether.
  • Six o'clock was our usual hour of departure, and ten or twelve hours our traveling time, always tying up at a plaia or island, of which there are hosts in the Napo, but never to the main land, for fear of unfriendly Indians and the still more unwelcome tiger. Our crew encamped at a respectful though hailing distance.
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