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Word: hotels
IPA transcription: [hoʊt'ɛlz]
Pronunciations of hotels
Usage examples
  • You see that type of Briton very much in hotels abroad.
  • "Excellent hotels for large families; excellent hotels for single gentlemen.
  • I learned the trade, hoping some time to be of use, I am night clerk at one of the hotels.
  • "Why do they build hotels that go round and round like catherine wheels? They'll take away my shield and break me.
  • Now, Cartwright, there are the names of twenty-three hotels here, all in the immediate neighbourhood of Charing Cross.
  • Trap the first, at Mr. Huxtable's house; trap the second, at all the hotels; trap the third, at the railway station; trap the fourth, at the theater.
  • The Court House, Hall of Records, the Occidental and Santa Rosa Hotels, the Athenaeum Theatre, the new Masonic Temple, Odd Fellows' Block, all the banks, everything went, and in all the city not one brick or stone building was left standing, except the California Northwestern Depot.
  • The Southern Pacific Hospital, at Fourteenth and Missouri Streets, was among the buildings destroyed by dynamite, the patients having been removed to places of safety, and the Linda Vista and the Pleasanton, two large family hotels on Jones Street, in the better part of the city, were also among those blown up to stay the progress of the conflagration.
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