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Word: hull
IPA transcription: [h'ĘŚl]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: hull
    Meaning: remove the hulls from; "hull the berries"
Usage examples
  • Hull could not expect to keep command of the Constitution.
  • "Blood, a regular pool of it--enough to have cleared out the carcass of a hull buffalo.
  • Hull put out his boats to tow the Constitution; Broke summoned the boats of the squadron to tow the Shannon.
  • After this victory, Newcastle, with an army of fifteen thousand men, sat down before Hull. Hotham was no longer governor of this place.
  • But some preliminary vibrations could soon be felt over the boat's hull. I heard its plating grind against the limestone roughness of that coral base.
  • The anchors were let go, she swung to wind, and at the fall of the tide she bedded herself securely in the sand, her hull, machinery, and cargo uninjured.
  • Thus, while the screw outside of the hull is applying the force continuously, the steam in the inside is driving the shafting with equal evenness and regularity.
  • Newcastle, having carried on the attack of Hull for some time, was beat off by a sally of the garrison, and suffered so much that he thought proper to raise the siege.
  • In this I succeeded beyond my expectations, sleeping until my companions, who had not been so fortunate, aroused me at daybreak to renew our attempts at getting up provisions from the hull.
  • Hence will arise a demand for accommodation for each screw in a tube forming part of the lower hull itself and open at the side for the taking in of water, while the stern part is equally free.