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Word: humane
IPA transcription: [hjum'eɪn]
Pronunciations of humane
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: humanist, humanistic, humane
    Meaning: pertaining to or concerned with the humanities; "humanistic studies"; "a humane education"
Usage examples
  • The man of the pot is far more humane than he of the scissors.
  • You know that Hope is an able and most humane man in his profession, and that he does not steal dead bodies.
  • For friendship to flourish personal life would have to become more public and social life more simple and humane.
  • Time seemed to soften the hearts of master and mistress, and to insure kinder and more humane treatment to bondsmen and bondswomen.
  • It is entirely owing to the humane interest you seemed to take in the report, that I have pursued the inquiry to the following result.
  • I am sorry for you, if you cannot endure the presence of neighbours whose whole minds and conduct are noble and humane, and known by you to be so.
  • One of the officers tried to persuade me to shoot him, saying it would be a humane act, and at the same time give me the prestige of having killed a buffalo!
  • What could be more delightful than to have in the same few minutes all the fascinating terrors of going abroad combined with all the humane security of coming home again?
  • Never before in the history of the country had the government taken such a wise and humane view of its obligations to those who served on the field of battle or on the seas.
  • Under which Peter Rugg now labours I cannot say; therefore I am rather inclined to pity than to judge." "You speak like a humane man," said I, "and if you have known him so long, I pray you will give me some account of him.
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