Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: hurled
IPA transcription: [h'ɝld]
Usage examples
  • One hurled his knife at me.
  • Provocator!" were hurled at him.
  • With all his strength he hurled his priceless crucible.
  • He hurled himself into the midst of the crowd and swept it back.
  • Michael felt almost as if he were a god, and all the voices were hurled at him.
  • And Jim hurled himself like a madman against the stairs, and surmounted them with two bounds.
  • "Pig's face, is it?" said Mrs. McCaskey, and hurled a stewpan full of bacon and turnips at her lord.
  • He gathered his last nuggets and hurled them in handfuls at the mirror, shattering it in countless pieces.
  • Never flinching, the men of the west and northwest hurled themselves upon the powerful fortified positions.
  • Jim was hurled backward, and fell heavily down a flight of stone stairs, bringing up against a stone balustrade.