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Word: hypnotism
IPA transcription: [h'ɪpnət,ɪzəm]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: hypnotism, mesmerism, suggestion
    Meaning: the act of inducing hypnosis
Usage examples
  • "Hypnotism," muttered Drake, as she paused.
  • "Hypnotism is not magic," said the man in green, putting both arms on the table.
  • It is the use and application of this power or force that constitutes hypnotism.
  • Most elaborately staged attempts at seduction were made upon me with drugs, with women. Hypnotism was resorted to.
  • But even in the Twentieth Century we had learned that hypnotism cannot make a person violate his fundamental concepts of morality against his will, and steadfastly I steeled my will against them.
  • I daresay if any one had told them that in two hundred years' time a class of men would be entirely occupied in impressing things upon the memory, effacing unpleasant ideas, controlling and overcoming instinctive but undesirable impulses, and so forth, by means of hypnotism, they would have refused to believe the thing possible.