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Word: ice-cream
IPA transcription: ['aɪskɹ,im]
Usage examples
  • He has a dollar; will he go to the theater or buy ten dishes of ice-cream?
  • If you'd heard him an hour or two ago, he was hot enough to melt all the ice-cream in town.
  • The Blue Light does not consider that pharmacy is a thing of bric-a-brac, scent and ice-cream soda.
  • Sailboats and rowboats furrowed the lenient waves, popcorn and ice-cream booths sprang up about the little wooden pier.
  • "Creamed chicken on toast, fruit-salad, toasted muffins, and ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce," ordered Allison after studying the menu-card for a moment.
  • Kitty chose ice-cream, explaining that she knew it "by sight," but hadn't never tasted none; but all the rest took the entire variety, without any regard to consequences.
  • The price was twenty cents, which included a dab of mashed potato dished out in an ice-cream scoop, a generous allowance of tender peas, two hot tea-biscuits and butter to match.