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Word: impertinent
IPA transcription: [,ɪmp'ɝtənənt]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: fresh, impertinent, impudent, overbold, smart, saucy, sassy, wise
    Meaning: improperly forward or bold; "don't be fresh with me"; "impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup"; "an impudent boy given to insulting strangers"; "Don't get wise with me!"
  • Synonyms: extraneous, immaterial, impertinent, orthogonal
    Meaning: not pertinent to the matter under consideration; "an issue extraneous to the debate"; "the price was immaterial"; "mentioned several impertinent facts before finally coming to the point"
  • Synonyms: impertinent, irreverent, pert, saucy
    Meaning: characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality; "a certain irreverent gaiety and ease of manner"
Usage examples
  • He's an impertinent meddler."
  • Mary was impertinent and lazy.
  • An impertinent thing, that card was.
  • "Really, Ranald, you are impertinent.
  • "He is impertinent, insolent, your highness.
  • "It's the most impertinent thing I ever heard.
  • I hope they are not so impertinent as to follow us.
  • Mary Ellen became argumentative, impertinent, and domineering.
  • "As much--oh, no! he muttered some impertinent remark or another."
  • "You mustn't think me impertinent, aunt, for I don't mean to be so at all.