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Word: inaudible
IPA transcription: [,ɪn'ɔdəbəl]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: inaudible, unhearable
    Meaning: impossible to hear; imperceptible by the ear; "an inaudible conversation"
Usage examples
  • The sound of the young man's footsteps ascending the stairs became inaudible, and the house was quiet.
  • They can catch the squeak of a mouse at a distance which, for ordinary ears, would make the sharp clucking of a chipmunk inaudible.
  • That's all very well, but'--he paused, and nodded, nodding his round head upward as if towards the inaudible overhead, 'I suppose he can't HEAR?'
  • A fresh signal, inaudible, imperceptible to all but themselves, and once more, in a trice, the narrow, smoothly-gliding hunting-column is reformed.
  • The ship rose to a great height, and headed westward at such speed that the hum of the air past its smooth plates rose to a shrill, almost inaudible moan.