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Word: infuriated
IPA transcription: [,ɪnfj'ʊɹi,eɪtɪd]
Pronunciations of infuriated
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: angered, enraged, furious, infuriated, maddened
    Meaning: marked by extreme anger; "the enraged bull attached"; "furious about the accident"; "a furious scowl"; "infuriated onlookers charged the police who were beating the boy"; "could not control the maddened crowd"
Usage examples
  • "D'Artagnan," he said, "you are here to-night, still infuriated by yesterday's adventure.
  • Before it had finished with him, his sensitively coloured face was purple, and he was gasping, breathless--and infuriated.
  • Harris drew out his map again, after a while, but the sight of it only infuriated the mob, and they told him to go and curl his hair with it.
  • SOCRATES: Suppose the slave to be a cowherd; the rhapsode will know better than the cowherd what he ought to say in order to soothe the infuriated cows?
  • They were there besieged by the infuriated crowd, and after a short interchange of shots Lovejoy was killed, his friends dispersed, and the press once more--and this time finally--thrown into the turbid flood.
  • Infuriated at the self-command of the captive, the woman placed her arms akimbo; and, throwing herself into a posture of defiance, she broke out anew, in a torrent of words that no art of ours could commit successfully to paper.
  • But his happy childish life was of short duration: the starving and infuriated populace of Paris, driven from one misery to another, deemed if they could only bring the king to the metropolis means would be discovered for overcoming their distress.
  • Such language "from a minister of the gospel" shocked and infuriated the committee and those whom they represented. "The people assembled," says Governor Ford, "and quietly took the press and types and threw them into the river." We venture to say that the word "quietly" never before found itself in such company.
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