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Word: injurious
IPA transcription: [,ɪndʒ'ʊɹiəs]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: deleterious, hurtful, injurious
    Meaning: harmful to living things; "deleterious chemical additives"
Usage examples
  • Now it is a wholly different thing to be truthful from duty and to be so from apprehension of injurious consequences.
  • Damp is exceedingly injurious to dogs, and is very likely to produce diseased lungs, rheumatism, and lameness in the shoulder and limbs.
  • "Oh, clubs injurious to Princeton democracy; cost a lot; draw social lines, take time; the regular line you get sometimes from disappointed sophomores.
  • "Nursing in the lap is injurious; not in itself, but the animal is thereby subjected to constant chills, in emerging from a snoozy warmth to a cold carpet or chilly bed.
  • By what law of God or man can a man be bound to maintain a parcel of injurious vermin on his property, in the pursuit of which he finds no sport himself, and which are highly detrimental to another sport in which he takes, perhaps, the keenest interest?
  • "Ignorant and stupid as Deerbrook is about many things, Priscilla, it is not so wicked as to thank any one for waging a cowardly war against the good, for disparaging the able and accomplished, and fabricating and circulating injurious stories against people too magnanimous for the slanderer to understand."
  • And when she said that this was a more injurious treatment than the former, if, now he had forced her, he would not let her stay with him till the evening, but bid her go away in the day-time, and while it was light, that she might meet with people that would be witnesses of her shame,--he commanded his servant to turn her out of his house.