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Word: inoffensive
IPA transcription: [,ɪnəf'ɛnsɪv]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: euphemistic, inoffensive
    Meaning: substituting a mild term for a harsher or distasteful one; "`peepee' is a common euphemistic term"
  • Synonyms: inoffensive
    Meaning: giving no offense; "a quiet inoffensive man"; "a refreshing inoffensive stimulant"
  • Synonyms: inoffensive, unoffending
    Meaning: not causing anger or annoyance; "inoffensive behavior"
Usage examples
  • Finally, about midnight, he was seen going homeward, saluting those whom he met with exaggerated but inoffensive courtesy.
  • The whole tenor of his life was quiet and inoffensive, being principally passed about the neighboring streams when the weather and season were favorable; and at other times he employed himself at home, preparing his fishing-tackle for the next campaign or manufacturing rods, nets, and flies for his patrons and pupils among the gentry.
  • The great and important advantage which the party gained by Strafford's death, may in some degree palliate the iniquity of the sentence pronounced against him: but the execution of this old, infirm prelate, who had so long remained an inoffensive prisoner, can be ascribed to nothing but vengeance and bigotry in those severe religionists by whom the parliament was entirely governed.