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Word: inquiring
IPA transcription: [,ɪnkw'aɪɚɪŋ]
Pronunciations of inquiring
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: inquiring
    Meaning: given to inquiry; "an inquiring mind"
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: questioning, inquiring
    Meaning: a request for information
Usage examples
  • Mr. McClure caught the lad's inquiring gaze fixed upon him.
  • Then the guard appeared, and even the King himself, inquiring what all the noise meant.
  • He was much alarmed when he saw me; but recovering himself, instead of inquiring how I came thither, began to quarrel with me, and asked why I stole his goods?
  • I received her with every possible tenderness, and inquiring into the cause of her distress, she told me with tears how inhumanly her husband had behaved towards her.
  • "On the table," replied Matvey, glancing with inquiring sympathy at his master; and, after a short pause, he added with a sly smile, "They've sent from the carriage-jobbers."
  • The substance of them was, that some one in the east had been inquiring of Major Lackland about a lost child and its parents, and that it was conjectured that the child might be Laura.
  • "Yes, dearest Charles," with her hands on his breast, and the inquiring and attentive expression fixed upon him; "we are rather thoughtful to-night, for we have something on our mind to-night."
  • I've been searching for James J. Hathaway for nine years, and so has every man in the service. Last night I stumbled upon him by accident, and on inquiring found he has been living quietly in this little jumping-off place.
  • As Mr. Osborne said this, Miss Osborne gave a little gasp and turned pale, but quickly recovering herself, she turned a pair of inquiring eyes on the Lieutenant--eyes that emitted flames of angry light and seemed to look him through and through.
  • Greeting his father affably, and even inquiring specially after his health, though he did not wait to hear his answer to the end, he announced that he was starting off in an hour to return to Moscow for good, and begged him to send for the horses.
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