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Word: insolence
IPA transcription: ['ɪnsələns]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: crust, gall, impertinence, impudence, insolence, cheekiness, freshness
    Meaning: the trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties
Usage examples
  • As little can I believe the narrative of his insolence to Apollo, where he says,
  • I shall see a lawyer and try to have you properly punished for this absolute insolence."
  • Here Torres, with crossed arms, gave the whole family a look of inconceivable insolence.
  • He reviled, in the most intemperate language, their baseness, their ingratitude, their insolence.
  • 'You have had a fair chance and rejected it. We shall meet again soon, and you will be sorry for your insolence.'
  • If you go near the suitors you will be undone to a certainty, for their pride and insolence reach the very heavens.
  • "Perniciously indulgent, generally; and when the effects break out in insolence and disobedience, then there ensues a scene.
  • One leader looked around at us and commenced to bray, but the driver was in no mood for such insolence, and jerked the poor thing almost down.
  • Each of them was responsible to his country, each of them must answer if inquired into, each of them must endure abuse with good humour, and insolence without anger.
  • Then they displayed Dunyazad in a second and a third and a fourth dress, and she paced forward like the rising sun, and swayed to and fro in the insolence of her beauty; and she was even as saith the poet of her in these couplets:--