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Word: inspected
IPA transcription: [,ɪnsp'ɛktɪd]
Pronunciations of inspected
Usage examples
  • Smith inspected Pugsy through his eyeglass.
  • She stood the thing up on the table as well as his weak legs would allow, and inspected him critically.
  • The yellow-faced old lady put up her long-handled tortoise-shell eyeglasses and inspected me all over again.
  • While this was being done Tip mended the wooden limbs of Jack Pumpkinhead and made them stronger than before, and the Saw-Horse was also inspected to see if he was in good working order.
  • And when he walked with the earl after church to the gate over which the noble peer had climbed in his agony, and inspected the hedge through which he had thrown himself, he was quite at home with his little jokes, bantering his august companion as to the mode of his somersault.
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