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Word: instinctive
IPA transcription: [,ɪnst'ɪŋktɪv]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: natural, instinctive
    Meaning: unthinking; prompted by (or as if by) instinct; "a cat's natural aversion to water"; "offering to help was as instinctive as breathing"
Usage examples
  • "My native instinctive democracy--"
  • All was instinctive and spontaneous
  • How right events had proved this instinctive feeling.
  • Did you ever tell him the strong, instinctive motive?'
  • In this case, instinctive justice belies legal justice.
  • I felt the foreign gentleman took an instinctive dislike to me.
  • One writer claims that we do not even reason--that our every act is mechanical, or instinctive.
  • On the other hand, Minha felt for him an instinctive repulsion which she was at no pains to conceal.
  • 'The instinctive want of faith, and clutching at a sin to keep myself from sinking,' said she bitterly.
  • But these actions are probably instinctive, so that they would be performed as well by a young animal as by an old one.