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Word: instincts
IPA transcription: ['ɪnstɪŋkts]
Pronunciations of instincts
Usage examples
  • They have instincts of curiosity like the rest of us.
  • Carried away by his violent instincts, Ned Land leaped up the companionway.
  • Mr. Swainson, in his work on the instincts of animals, gives the following proof of this.
  • "Another wound!" exclaimed Daley, his newspaper instincts quickly aroused by this addition of evidence of mystery.
  • "You'd make a wonderful detective--if you had a little more method--if you didn't follow your instincts and that bump on your forehead.
  • She was kindly natured, fond of young girls and cared for her pupils with motherly instincts seldom possessed by those in similar positions.
  • "No, Bunny--you will behave like a gentleman, that is all," she responded, haughtily; "or rather like a butler with the instincts of a gentleman.
  • These we denominate Instincts, and are so apt to admire as something very extraordinary, and inexplicable by all the disquisitions of human understanding.
  • The sight brought my poacher instincts to the surface, but I bottled them, and trudged on until I came to the little church that stands at the entrance to the park.
  • If to the blind but convergent and harmonious instincts of a swarm of bees should be suddenly added reflection and judgment, the little society could not long exist.
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