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Word: intensify
IPA transcription: [,ɪnt'ɛnsɪf,aɪ]
Pronunciations of intensify
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: escalate, intensify, step_up
    Meaning: increase in extent or intensity; "The Allies escalated the bombing"
  • Synonyms: intensify, compound, heighten, deepen
    Meaning: make more intense, stronger, or more marked; "The efforts were intensified", "Her rudeness intensified his dislike for her"; "Pot smokers claim it heightens their awareness"; "This event only deepened my convictions"
  • Synonyms: intensify, deepen
    Meaning: become more intense; "The debate intensified"; "His dislike for raw fish only deepened in Japan"
Usage examples
  • There was a sound as of the cooing sob of doves, which seemed to multiply and intensify with each second.
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