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Word: intermittently
IPA transcription: [,ɪntɚm'ɪtəntli]
Pronunciations of intermittently
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: intermittently
    Meaning: in an intermittent manner; "intermittently we questioned the barometer"
Usage examples
  • "From one", writes a traveller, "flows hot water black with bitumen, while the other discharges intermittently bitumen, or, after a rainstorm, bitumen and cold water....
  • The positive film is moved intermittently but swiftly throughout its length between the objective lens and a beam of light coming through the condenser, being exposed by the shutter during the periods of rest.
  • He holds that life has been intermittently distributed southward along these continental masses when there were no breaks in their southward connection, and intermittently exchanged between them when they were connected in the north; and he also upholds the view that from a common ancestral form the same species has been often developed in entirely disconnected localities when in these localities the conditions of environment were the same.
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