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Word: irene
IPA transcription: [aɪɹ'in]
Pronunciations of irene
Usage examples
  • "Hullo, Hopkins, are you ready," said Irene.
  • Dot and Irene were wondering what had become of you."
  • How had Irene started the overtures that led to this?
  • "Scandal, my dear Irene--I may call you Irene, mayn't I?"
  • "Yes, but don't go behind it, Mapp," said Irene, "or you'll see my model undressing."
  • "Well, Irene darling, I must be trotting, and leave you to your--" she hardly knew what to call it-- "to your work."
  • Nevertheless, one must have a good groundwork of knowledge of books in order to avoid mistakes such as poor Irene made in talking with young Corey.
  • Farther down the street was quaint Irene lounging at the door of her new studio (a converted coach-house), smoking a cigarette and dressed like a jockey.
  • Miss Mapp tried to steel herself for the hundredth time to appear quite unconscious that she was being addressed when Irene said "Mapp" in that odious manner.
  • The little chat that Irene apparently enjoyed in the conservatory would gladly have become an act of forgetfulness on her part had not Sir John reminded her of its existence a few days afterwards.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, License CC BY-SA 4.0