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Word: irrelevant
IPA transcription: [,ɪɹ'ɛləvənt]
Pronunciations of irrelevant
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: irrelevant
    Meaning: having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue; "an irrelevant comment"; "irrelevant allegations"
Usage examples
  • An absurd, mischievous, irrelevant flirtation.
  • The former is then thought to be purely intellectual and cognitive; the latter to be an irrelevant and intruding physical factor.
  • I wanted fiercely; I made love impatiently. Perhaps I had written irrelevant love-letters for that very reason; because with this stark theme I could not play. . .
  • Much of what I tell you is no doubt quite irrelevant, but still I feel that it is best that I should let you have all the facts and leave you to select for yourself those which will be of most service to you in helping you to your conclusions.
  • Such companionship, perhaps wholly imaginary, is a very clear and simple example of ideal society. The unconscious hero, to be sure, happens to exist, but his existence is irrelevant to his function, provided only he be present to the idealising mind.
  • But the objection is based upon the fact--or assumption--that the forms of skill to be acquired and the subject matter to be appropriated have no interest on their own account: in other words, they are supposed to be irrelevant to the normal activities of the pupils.
  • In all our knowledge of general principles, what actually happens is that first of all we realize some particular application of the principle, and then we realize that the particularity is irrelevant, and that there is a generality which may equally truly be affirmed.
  • Fragile chairs, lace-petticoat lamp-shades and irrelevant bric-a-brac are consequently excluded; and the master's sense of comfort often expresses itself in a set of "office" furniture--a roller-top desk, a revolving chair, and others of the puffy type already described as the accepted model of a luxurious seat.
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