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Word: irrepressible
IPA transcription: [,ɪɹəpɹ'ɛsəbəl]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: irrepressible, uncontrollable
    Meaning: impossible to repress or control; "an irrepressible chatterbox"; "uncontrollable laughter"
Usage examples
  • "That's what's the matter with Hannah's cat!" cheerfully chipped in the irrepressible Waldo.
  • He let his eyes rest on Alexey Alexandrovitch's feet, feeling that he might offend his client by the sight of his irrepressible amusement.
  • The lawyer's gray eyes tried not to laugh, but they were dancing with irrepressible glee, and Alexey Alexandrovitch saw that it was not simply the delight of a man who has just got a profitable job: there was triumph and joy, there was a gleam like the malignant gleam he saw in his wife's eyes.