Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: isles
IPA transcription: ['aɪlz]
Usage examples
  • Then, tell me, can you take me from here to the city of the queen of the Black Isles, whence you brought him?"
  • Depreciate the vision; But, till the merchant buy, Still fable, in the isles of spice, The subtle cargoes lie.
  • I know all isles, and harbours, and the windings of all the seas; and this should be Corcyra, where a few wild goatherds dwell.
  • Below them in the blistering noon lay the palace walls of the Lord of the Seven Seas, Descendant of the Sun and the Moon, Overlord of the Mountains and the Plains, Prince of all the Isles, Father of Plenty, and Brilliance-Before-Which-All-Cast-Down-Their-Eyes, the Emperor of China.