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Word: jolliest
IPA transcription: [dʒ'ɑliəst]
Usage examples
  • "Oh, yes," said the jolliest boy.
  • "Yes," said the jolliest of the boys.
  • She had the jolliest, the nicest face in the world.
  • "But it doesn't make you cross," laughed the jolliest boy.
  • I will have your badge and your honor, besides having the jolliest lark I've been blessed with since we licked Spain."
  • "Exactly; and with car-fare and sandwiches, and the champagne supplied free by the importers, for the advertisement, it cost them exactly twelve dollars and was set down as the jolliest affair of the season," said I.
  • Phyllis, the next in age, was short and fat; then came Harry, then Erma, just sixteen (named after a German great-grandmother), and, last of all, Jack, tallest and jolliest of the group, who had just "passed his preliminaries," and would enter college next year.