Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: jos
IPA transcription: [dʒ'oʊz]
Usage examples
  • "Order Mr. Jos's elephant, Sambo!" cried the father.
  • I wish she was alive, to ride in Jos's carriage once again.
  • The skein of silk was just wound round the card; but Mr. Jos had never spoken.
  • The old man was very much affected; so, of course, was his daughter; nor was Jos without feeling.
  • Jos remembered this remarkable circumstance perfectly well, but vowed that he had totally forgotten it.
  • Jos's carriage (the temporary one, not the chariot under construction) arrived one day and carried off old Sedley and his daughter--to return no more.
  • "Bravo, Jos!" said Mr. Sedley; on hearing the bantering of which well-known voice, Jos instantly relapsed into an alarmed silence, and quickly took his departure.
  • Jos, a little testy about his father's misfortunes and unceremonious applications to him, was soothed down by the Major, who pointed out the elder's ill fortunes and old age.
  • A few days afterwards, as they were seated in the drawing-room, where Jos had fallen asleep with great comfort after dinner, Amelia said with rather a faltering voice to Major Dobbin--
  • Jos descended from the post-chaise and down the creaking swaying steps in awful state, supported by the new valet from Southampton and the shuddering native, whose brown face was now livid with cold and of the colour of a turkey's gizzard.