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Word: josiah
IPA transcription: [dʒoʊs'aɪə]
Usage examples
  • Josiah he stayed with her, an' between him an' 'Mord,' they helped her along, but I had to git out and scratch for a livin'.
  • "Josiah Flynt" who wrote the foregoing account of tramp-life for the second edition of this volume, was well known as author, sociologist, and tramp.
  • Josiah, he starts right off in the opposite direction to the Beargrass fort--we called it a fort, but it was nothin' but a stockade. The way we boys scattered was like a brood o' young turkeys, or pa'tridges, strikin' for cover when the old one is shot.
  • He was a man for peace and quiet, and everything was goin' smooth with the tribes of what we called the Beargrass Country, till one day, when he and my brothers, Mordecai--'Mord' was a big fellow for his age--and Josiah, a few years younger--was out in the clearin' with the oxen, haulin' logs down to the crick.