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Word: jude
IPA transcription: [dʒ'ud]
Pronunciations of jude
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Epistle_of_Jude, Jude
    Meaning: a New Testament book attributed to Saint Jude
  • Synonyms: Jude, Saint_Jude, St._Jude, Judas, Thaddaeus
    Meaning: (New Testament) supposed brother of St. James; one of the Apostles who is invoked in prayer when a situation seems hopeless
Usage examples
  • JUDE.
  • "Yes," said Jude.
  • "Yes!" said Jude.
  • Jude did not follow her.
  • "I told you not to, Jude!"
  • "Thank you!" said Jude severely.
  • Jude threw a troubled look at her.
  • Jude seized her hand and kissed it.
  • "What is it?" said Jude, in a softened tone.
  • "Why do you look at me like that?" said Jude.
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