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Word: junket
IPA transcription: [dʒ'ʌŋkɪt]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: junket
    Meaning: a trip taken by an official at public expense
  • Synonyms: excursion, jaunt, outing, junket, pleasure_trip, expedition, sashay
    Meaning: a journey taken for pleasure; "many summer excursions to the shore"; "it was merely a pleasure trip"; "after cautious sashays into the field"
  • Synonyms: junket
    Meaning: dessert made of sweetened milk coagulated with rennet
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: feast, banquet, junket
    Meaning: partake in a feast or banquet
  • Synonyms: feast, banquet, junket
    Meaning: provide a feast or banquet for
  • Synonyms: junketeer, junket
    Meaning: go on a pleasure trip
Usage examples
  • So long as the hens lay eggs and the cow gives milk we can have omelettes and junket.
  • Kitty realized that this little junket was the very thing she needed--open spaces, long walks in which to think out her problem. She hurried home and spent the morning packing.