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Word: keg
IPA transcription: [k'ɛɡ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: keg
    Meaning: small cask or barrel
  • Synonyms: keg, kegful
    Meaning: the quantity contained in a keg
Usage examples
  • Nothing but empty shells was left inside the central keg; the germs were completely exterminated.
  • They next devised a scheme to blow him up by hiding a keg of gunpowder under his bed; but here, too, they failed.
  • Diana hastily dragged in the previously mentioned keg and Anne found that it was just sufficiently high to furnish a secure resting place for her feet.
  • Although scrupulously whitewashed it had become somewhat shaky, and Anne felt rather dubious as she scrambled up from the vantage point of a keg placed on a box.
  • A lady suggests to me, that if the sportsman took a bottle of hot water to put under his feet, it would be a great comfort to him, and in this I quite agree; I would take a keg of hot water, when about it.
  • These--the keg and canisters--I connected in a proper manner with covered trains; and having let into one of the canisters the end of about four feet of slow match, I covered up the hole, and placed the cask over it, leaving the other end of the match protruding about an inch, and barely visible beyond the cask.