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Word: knoll
IPA transcription: [n'oʊl]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: knoll, mound, hillock, hummock, hammock
    Meaning: a small natural hill
Usage examples
  • That's Semenovsk, yes, there," he pointed to Raevski's knoll.
  • He lived on a knoll, in a small house not more than twelve feet square.
  • And over there?..." Pierre pointed to a knoll on the left, near which some troops could be seen.
  • Chris put down his spyglass and the two boys, hidden on the piny knoll, watched the procession out of sight.
  • There was a little figure plump For every little knoll, Busy needles, and spools of thread, And trudging feet from school.
  • She girded up her raiment and went after the men that went past the base of the knoll, leaving her women attendants there.
  • Connachar with his band of kinsfolk went down to the green knoll where Deirdre dwelt and he knocked at the door of the bothy.
  • They took in a few cans of water," I here pointed in their direction, and said: "They were going to cook over there behind that knoll."
  • Amos turned back into the darkening pine knoll, and Chris pushed his way out to the narrow steep ledge, hanging high above the roofs of Peking.
  • My eucalyptus or blue gum grove was down near the big sycamore, and opposite the bare knoll where Romulus and the burrowing owls had their nightly battles.