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Word: knowed
IPA transcription: [n'oʊd]
Usage examples
  • I knowed it."
  • I've knowed that for forty year.
  • I think I must 'a' knowed he was dead.
  • Then I knowed 'Mord' had shot my Injun.
  • I knowed what he was goin' to do--skelp my father!
  • "A hoss like that would be knowed," protested the woman.
  • "Well, if you knowed where he was, what did you ask me for?"
  • I knowed I'd ought to run too, but I didn't want to leave my father layin' there on the ground.
  • I never knowed anything about my mother or father, but I have always believed that my mother was a white woman, and that I was put away to save her character; I have always thought this.
  • 'Why?' says father, getting up and glaring with his eyes, 'because I was a blind, ignorant dog when I was young, as had never been taught nothing, and knowed nothing, not so much as him there' (pointing to Crib), 'for he knows what his business is, and I didn't.