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Word: lackey
IPA transcription: [l'├Žki]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: lackey, flunky, flunkey
    Meaning: a male servant (especially a footman)
Usage examples
  • You have the soul of a lackey.
  • "But where is such a lackey to be found?"
  • "Then," continued he, "there is a horse for my lackey, and my valise.
  • Till Sepia came, he had been conventionally faithful--faithful with the faith of a lackey, that is--but she had found no difficulty in making of him, in respect of her, a spy upon his master.
  • But as the lackey who goes may make us believe he has been to London and may stop at Chatellerault, let us give him only half the sum promised him, with the letter, with an agreement that he shall have the other half in exchange for the reply.
  • Athos mounted more slowly, after speaking in a low voice to the lackey, who, instead of following them immediately, returned to their rooms. Raoul, delighted at the count's companionship, perceived, or affected to perceive nothing of this byplay.