Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: lads
IPA transcription: [l'├Ždz]
Usage examples
  • Now follow softly, lads!
  • The two lads in the loft peered down.
  • The two lads on the loft listened intently.
  • "Pull up, lads, a little; let's see what it is.
  • Your brothers! Ah! they are very different lads!'
  • "Our brave lads feel that they're about to triumph!
  • Tad caught up with him first, and the two lads went down together.
  • The lads set up a whoop as they started on the chase after their companion.
  • 'Into the kitchen with you, and don't stand glowering after lads', he said.
  • "My lads," said he, "we've had a hot day and are all tired and out of sorts.