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Word: layers
IPA transcription: [l'eɪɚz]
Pronunciations of layers
Usage examples
  • As lint was lacking, the doctor, for the time being, arrested the bleeding with layers of wadding.
  • You were born fat; you became fat; and fat, my dear Danton, has been deliberately thrust on you--in layers!
  • Subsoil ploughing annexes to agricultural land new layers of soil that are just as important as new acres added to the surface.
  • The first fifteen inches from the bark of a medium-size tree six feet in diameter, on the north Tenaya pavement, had 859 layers of wood.
  • I noted that the ice layers were pressing out over thin dirt bands as though the latter made the cleavage lines over which the strata slid.
  • It should be noted that the layers of flake nickel extend practically unbroken across the tube and make contact with the metal wall at both sides.
  • Now they arrive, and the alarm in the swarm of bleak below spreads with magical swiftness to the upper layers, where the bewildered little creatures make off at full speed.
  • Meanwhile the hut proceeds; altogether there are four layers of boarding to go on, two of which are nearing completion; it will be some time before the rest and the insulation is on.
  • The vertical bounding walls are edges of the perforated metal containing tube; the dark horizontal lines are layers of nickel flake, while the light-colored thicker layers represent the nickel hydrate.
  • The garden in which it stands is a Provencal garden, enclosed by low walls, built of big round pebbles set in layers, alternately sloping or upright, according to the artistic taste of the mason, which finds here its only outlet.
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