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Word: levity
IPA transcription: [l'ɛvɪti]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: levity
    Meaning: a manner lacking seriousness
  • Synonyms: levity
    Meaning: feeling an inappropriate lack of seriousness
Usage examples
  • I don't perceive that there is more levity than elsewhere.
  • Elected and re-elected President, he continued to be a surprise to those who shrank from levity.
  • He had begun the connection in levity, for he had often heard his brother-officers boast of their village conquests, and thought some triumph of the kind necessary to his reputation as a man of spirit.
  • They justly considered that cowardice, meanness, levity, anxiety, impatience, folly, and many other qualities of the mind, might appear ridiculous and deformed, contemptible and odious, though independent of the will.
  • It sometimes, indeed, happens, that some supervenient cause of discord may overpower this original amity; but it seems to me more frequently thrown away with levity, or lost by negligence, than destroyed by injury or violence.
  • In vain did he try to fortify himself by a thousand heartless examples of men of fashion, and to chill the glow of generous sentiment with that cold derisive levity with which he had heard them talk of female virtue: whenever he came into her presence she was still surrounded by that mysterious but impassive charm of virgin purity in whose hallowed sphere no guilty thought can live.