Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: lightened
IPA transcription: [l'aɪtənd]
Usage examples
  • His sacrifice lightened ours.
  • The lightened sled bounded on its side behind them.
  • For the moment it seemed as though the downpour lightened.
  • He turned here, to look about him, and his eye lightened as he did so.
  • As we advanced, the ice every day became smoother; so that, from four miles a day, our rate increased to fifteen, and finally (as the sledges lightened) to twenty.
  • Scarcely had he alighted than the guy ropes were simultaneously released, and the great warship, lightened by the removal of the loot, soared majestically into the air, her decks and upper works a mass of roaring flames.
  • Her gravity and silence gave her a poise and dignity that allayed suspicion, but he and his old wife liked diversion, and a spice of gossip lightened the monotony of their lives, so he waited, then coughed behind his hand.