Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: loans
IPA transcription: [l'oʊnz]
Usage examples
  • Combined with loans were heavy taxes.
  • In the modern system of war, nations the most wealthy are obliged to have recourse to large loans.
  • The loans it might be able to procure would be as limited in their extent as burdensome in their conditions.
  • Four great Liberty Loans were floated, all the agencies of modern publicity being employed to enlist popular interest.
  • In a purely civil matter, the infallible Church from its inception had displayed a marked hostility to loans at interest.
  • In the Middle Ages the renting contract was the dominant form, but it has been progressively displaced by loans in the money form, and its importance is still declining.
  • The father of Charles Gould, for a long time one of the most wealthy merchants of Costaguana, had already lost a considerable part of his fortune in forced loans to the successive Governments.
  • Under the system of competition which is killing us, and whose necessary expression is a plundering and tyrannical government, the farmer will need always capital in order to repair his losses, and will be forced to contract loans.