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Word: loath
IPA transcription: [l'oʊθ]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: loath, loth, reluctant
    Meaning: unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom; "a reluctant smile"; "loath to admit a mistake"
Usage examples
  • I was loath to leave him, distrusting these people as I did.
  • Truly, said Sir Launcelot, that were me full loath to discover.
  • "I think he will be very loath to leave the old professor," answered Miss Allison.
  • Sir, said Sir Dinas, I am full loath to have ado with any knight of the Round Table.
  • You and he were close friends, and, knowing how you must feel to be batted out, he was loath to go in.
  • So when the Princess heard that, she was all for getting the tap, and was nothing loath to strike a bargain with the owner either.
  • Sir, said Balin, I pray you make you ready, for ye must go with me, or else I must fight with you and bring you by force, and that were me loath to do.
  • To which Lord Elmwood again made answer, "Do not, Sandford;" and added, "for I have a sincere regard for you, and should be loath, at these years, to quarrel with you seriously."
  • But the man was still loath to go; so he stepped after him, and rubbed him down with a good birch cudgel, and kept on till the man came crying and sobbing inside the Squire's door.