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Word: locomotion
IPA transcription: [l,oʊkəm'oʊʃən]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: locomotion, travel
    Meaning: self-propelled movement
  • Synonyms: locomotion, motive_power, motivity
    Meaning: the power or ability to move
Usage examples
  • Its westward port may be Bordeaux or Milford Haven, or even some port in the south-west of Ireland--unless, which is very unlikely, the velocity of secure sea-travel can be increased beyond that of land locomotion.
  • The Gasteropoda, though capable of locomotion and furnished with imperfect eyes, do not appear to be endowed with sufficient mental powers for the members of the same sex to struggle together in rivalry, and thus to acquire secondary sexual characters.
  • We have seen that the essential process arising out of the growth of science and mechanism, and more particularly out of the still developing new facilities of locomotion and communication science has afforded, is the deliquescence of the social organizations of the past, and the synthesis of ampler and still ampler and more complicated and still more complicated social unities.