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Word: loomed
IPA transcription: [l'umd]
Usage examples
  • The scarp loomed before them, solid and blank.
  • Behind them the bulk of the forest loomed as another barrier.
  • And presently an object loomed into view, which soon defined itself for a great ship on fire.
  • The shrubberies loomed big in the violet twilight and afar out the sea lay placid, steel-blue and mysterious.
  • No one could see across the church, and the minister loomed up, as if in a dense fog; all eyes were fountains of tears.
  • On one side of her loomed the morose countenance of the Major, on the other she was conscious of the scared, miserable eyes of Vladimir.
  • Thus, presently, nearly all the village of Beethorpe was making its way up the hill to where those three horsemen loomed against the evening sky.
  • All her imaginations of her mother's hard work, increased by her absence, loomed up before her, till she was almost ready to fly home without a minute's warning.
  • And then Milly loomed up with a thousand dishes on her bare arm--loomed up big and white and pink and awful as Mount Saint Elias--with a smile like day breaking in a gulch.
  • And he ran faster, panting, gasping, till of a sudden the portals loomed before him, and he saw a crowd of frenzied Atlanteans struggling to pass through, and a file of soldiers struggling to keep them back.