Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: loosed
IPA transcription: [l'ust]
Usage examples
  • But with every ill that befell me I got the spear loosed from him.
  • It was as if the touch of that shadow had loosed a powerful spring.
  • Well, he was not alone among men whose depths were loosed. Some time his hour might come.
  • Thereupon he loosed their bonds and collars, and when they saw him, they blessed him and rejoiced In him.
  • The silver cord that had bound her to existence was loosed, and there seemed to be no more pleasure under the sun.
  • In the mean time Telemachus and his crew were nearing land, so they loosed the sails, took down the mast, and rowed the ship into the harbour.
  • He desires me to say that the Bridegroom is coming, and that we must prepare to meet him; that the cords are about to be loosed, and the golden bowl broken; the pitcher broken at the fountain.'
  • At last the little girl kissed his face, which was flushed from his stooping posture and beaming with tenderness, loosed her hands, and was about to run away again; but her father held her back.
  • And afterwards they raised an altar to the blessed twelve on the sea-beach opposite and laid offerings thereon and then entered their swift ship to row, nor did they forget to bear with them a trembling dove; but Euphemus seized her and brought her all quivering with fear, and they loosed the twin hawsers from the land.
  • And now the king's wife loosed the king's brethren, and made Alexander king, who appeared both elder in age, and more moderate in his temper than the rest; who, when he came to the government, slew one of his brethren, as affecting to govern himself; but had the other of them in great esteem, as loving a quiet life, without meddling with public affairs.