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Word: lynde
IPA transcription: [l'…™nd]
Usage examples
  • Mrs. Lynde couldn't find one anywhere for the supper.
  • In spite of the fact--as Mrs. Rachel Lynde would say--that she had married a millionaire, her marriage had been happy.
  • She had, in accordance with her promise to Mrs. Lynde, written to Miss Barry of Charlottetown, asking for the loan of it.
  • He just called there one evening on business with Mr. Harmon Andrews and Mrs. Lynde saw him and said she knew he was courting because he had a white collar on.
  • "Well, it was a fortunate mistake," said Mrs. Rachel Lynde, "though, mind you, there was a time I didn't think so--that evening I came up to see Anne and she treated us to such a scene.