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Word: lyster
IPA transcription: [l'ɪstɚ]
Usage examples
  • Sir Lyster smiled feebly.
  • "Me or who?" queried Sir Lyster.
  • "Sir Goliath Maggie has appointed Commander Ryles," said Sir Lyster.
  • "He is certainly a remarkable man," Sir Lyster had admitted conventionally, referring to John Dene.
  • With Sir Lyster he was always as technical in his language as a midshipman back from his first cruise.
  • Sir Lyster had been inclined to expostulate with his colleague upon the manner in which he gave way to John Dene's demands.
  • It----" Sir Lyster paused; then, seeing that he was expected to finish his sentence, he added, "It will really be something of a relief.
  • "I doubt if you would be aware of the fact if we were having you shadowed, Mr. Dene," said Sir Lyster quietly, "and in any case it would be for your own safety."
  • "Apparently he objected to being called a dancing lizard, and told to quit his funny work." Sir Lyster smiled as if finding consolation in the fact that another had suffered at the hands of John Dene.
  • "I sleep on a bed, not on an idea," was another of his remarks that she remembered, and once when commenting upon the cautiousness of Sir Lyster Grayne he had said, "The man who takes risks makes dollars."