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Word: madman
IPA transcription: [m'ædm,æn]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: lunatic, madman, maniac
    Meaning: an insane person
Usage examples
  • Like the sudden impulse of a madman
  • And certainly he looked like a madman.
  • When he returned to his house he was a literal madman.
  • "We hoped to enjoy tranquillity after that madman Buckingham had left."
  • "Oh, say what you think; you owe me as much indulgence as a madman deserves."
  • And Jim hurled himself like a madman against the stairs, and surmounted them with two bounds.
  • The race was a long one, but neither the madman nor his friend flagged until they overtook the party.
  • For five years this man was looked upon as a madman or a cheat; but the public mind is now disabused with respect to him.
  • The room inside was something out of a madman's funhouse. It was higher than it was wide, irregular in shape, and more like a hallway than a room.
  • With that I offered in as many words to marry her, but before she could answer, down came this brother of hers, running at us with a face on him like a madman.