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Word: mails
IPA transcription: [m'eɪlz]
Usage examples
  • "I've got the United States mails on board.
  • Offer and request crossed each other in the mails.
  • For mails and passengers, on the other hand, steam must more and more decidedly assert its supremacy.
  • This act made it a crime to use the mails to convey contraceptives or information concerning contraceptives.
  • "Directly from Brindisi; she takes on the Indian mails there, and she left there Saturday at five p.m. Have patience, Mr. Fix; she will not be late.
  • For ocean greyhounds carrying mails and passengers the prime necessity of high speed has to a large extent obliterated any such separating line between waste and economy.
  • And all these calls in person, to say nothing of the applications received through the mails. Very few people have any idea of the amount of money given away by persons who never permit their names to be known.
  • Captain Lewis, the harbour master, went to rescue the crew and passengers and brought them all to Melbourne, together with the mails, which had been landed on the island since known by the name of the 'Clonmel'.